Ryan Wood

A graduate of the Bournemouth Academy of Culinary Arts, Ryan is an talented cook who has been honing his food craft to create something different – memorable dining experiences from the comfort of home.

But where did it all begin?

Starting his journey in the market town of Bedford, Ryan fell in love with all things cooking at the mere age of five, after learning to bake in his family’s kitchen.

It’s a love that would follow him to adulthood, inspiring a career that started at 16 and would take him on a food-led travel adventure, soaking up different cultures.

After studying under the likes of Michel Bourdin and John McManners at prestigious locations like the Connaught Hotel at Mayfair and the Ashdown Park Hotel, East Sussex, he spent the next two decades honing his skills in various roles across the culinary industry.

From Italy to Sydney and back to the UK, he’s opened restaurants, worked in boutique hotels and led kitchens in well-known venues and pubs, all underpinned by a dedicated mantra of ‘cooking with conscience’.

That means his dishes are all about sustainable, local produce that showcase stunning flavours.

Today, Ryan lives in Cornwall, a place where he can be close to the land and sea that inspires so much of his menu, while enjoying the saltwater lifestyle. Food by Ryan is the culmination of his talent and inspiration to bring quality, home-cooked food to locals and visitors alike.